Gerry McDonnell



Early Medieval Iron Production

The evidence for early medieval iron production is sparse.  It is significant than none of the excavated sites lie in areas of major iron ore deposit e.g., the Weald or the Forest of Dean.


Notable sites are:

Bestwall Quarry, Dorset.  (McDonnell and Slater 2009)

Fineshade Abbey, Northamptonshire   (Northamptonshire Archaeology 2006, 34, 81-96,  Early Iron Smelting in the Rockingham Forest Area: A Survey of the Evidence
Burl Bellamy, Dennis Jackson & Gill Johnston
 Northamptonshire Archaeology 2001 29  103-128;  Foard, G. 2001, Settlement, Land Use and Industry in medieval Rockingham Forest, Northamptonshire’, Medieval Archaeology, XLV, 41-96;  Liddle, P. 2000 An Archaeological Resource Assessment of Anglo-Saxon Leicestershire and Rutland,  http://www.le.ac.uk/archaeology/east_midlands_research_framework .htm


Millbrook, Sussex (Tebbutt 19**

Mucking Essex  (McDonnell 1993  Hamerow, H. 1993. Excavations at Mucking, Volume 2: The Anglo-Saxon Settlement. English Heritage Archaeological Report 21

Ramsbury Wiltshire,  (Haslam 19**)