Gerry McDonnell



Smithing Debris

The indicators of smithing activity include:

Diagnostic Slags

SSL - Smithing Slag Lumps, randomly shaped pieces of silicate smithing slag.

HB   - Hearth Bottom  plano-convex accumulations of smithing slag.

HS -  Hammer Scale micro-slag occurring as flake HS indicative of forging, Spheroidal HS indicative of fire welding.

Stock iron/Bar - bars and rods of stock iron used by the smith to manufacture artefacts

Hone Stones - smoothed stones used to sharpen blades.


Non-Diagnostic Slags


Hearth Lining - vitrified clay lining of the hearth, fragments may include the tuyere/blow hole

Charcoal - fuel used in the smiths hearth

Cinder - high silica slag, often intermediate between slag and clay lining.